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Condo Office software since 1998

Efficient office management software to Run Your Condo

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> Policy creator
> Private
> Record instantly available
for authorized Medical,
Fire Plan. Police etc ...
> Updateable Categories
1.. Assistive devices
2.. Communications
3.. Disruption of Service
4. Service Animals
5. Support Persons

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> Mail Mover<br>> Auto mail notice to resident of <br>   suite of mail/package arrival<br>> Includes building key assignment <br>   to trades and/or staff<br>> Sign in/sign out with electronic<br>   signature pen/tablets..  Many <br>   different models to chose from.
> Mail Mover
> Auto mail notice to resident of
suite of mail/package arrival
> Includes building key assignment
to trades and/or staff
> Sign in/sign out with electronic
signature pen/tablets.. Many
different models to chose from.
> Visitor Parking Permit<br>> Prints 11,500 permits for $120.00<br>> Custom fitted to your site<br>> Network friendly<br>> Historic retrieval of any Suite<br>> Private secured information<br>>
> Visitor Parking Permit
> Prints 11,500 permits for $120.00
> Custom fitted to your site
> Network friendly
> Historic retrieval of any Suite
> Private secured information
> Book IT Resident Web Portal<br>> Available 24/7<br>> Rooms, Elevators, Service ...<br>> Download office documents<br>> Secure encrypted log in<br>> Will customize for COVID<br>    requirements.<br>> Condo Act compliant<br>> Cost effective operation
> Book IT Resident Web Portal
> Available 24/7
> Rooms, Elevators, Service ...
> Download office documents
> Secure encrypted log in
> Will customize for COVID
> Condo Act compliant
> Cost effective operation
Condo Calendar<br>> Events, elevators, guest suites<br>> Month at a glance<br>> Print out full calendar bookings<br>> Enrollment forms<br>> Time/date stamping<br>> Instant current day report<br>> No cost operation<br>> LAN based<br>> Customized to site included
Condo Calendar
> Events, elevators, guest suites
> Month at a glance
> Print out full calendar bookings
> Enrollment forms
> Time/date stamping
> Instant current day report
> No cost operation
> LAN based
> Customized to site included
Run Your Condo Main<br>> Office management software<br>> Pandemic equipped<br>> Onsite/Offsite owners<br>> Work Orders, Purchase Orders<br>    all with history and totals<br>> Vehicles, lockers, bicycles<br>> Suite work history<br>> Condo compliant<br>> Full Security/Concierge mgt
Run Your Condo Main
> Office management software
> Pandemic equipped
> Onsite/Offsite owners
> Work Orders, Purchase Orders
all with history and totals
> Vehicles, lockers, bicycles
> Suite work history
> Condo compliant
> Full Security/Concierge mgt
> Click and Mail<br>> Automated eBlasting from your<br>   office PC<br>> Send all kinds of documents<br>> Send often, no limits<br>> Send to Suites by;<br>   > full membership<br>   > horizontal by floor<br>   > Suites vertically  <br>   > random suites<br>> Attachments<br>> Ready to use
> Click and Mail
> Automated eBlasting from your
office PC
> Send all kinds of documents
> Send often, no limits
> Send to Suites by;
> full membership
> horizontal by floor
> Suites vertically
> random suites
> Attachments
> Ready to use